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Balance Health & Beauty salon, based in Somerset West, serves the greater Helderberg area. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in cutting edge skin care therapies, regimens and products, tailor made to suit each and every client’s individual skin types and needs.

The Balance Health & Beauty Salon
The Balance Health & Beauty Salon

While our core focus is in helping each and every client to achieve a complete, holistic sense of balance between internal and external well-being, through a range of therapies and products, we also love to pamper them with sublime and highly skilled applications.

Our therapies and treatments include a variety of massage therapies, facials, skin care regimens, holistic therapies and fantastic multi-therapy packages, known as rituals, designed to provide complete and total rejuvenation and recovery from all the stresses and worries of everyday life.

All of the services on offer as well as the extensive range of products available, have been specifically and carefully selected to provide the highest levels of quality, ensuring the very best skin care results possible. Our clients notice a marked improvement in their overall appearance as well as increased energy levels and an overall sense of balance after only one or two sessions with our highly trained staff.

The Balance Health & Beauty Team

Kim, founder of Balance Health & Beauty, has a Bcomm degree as well as a Health & Skin Care Diploma from Isa Carstens Academy, and is personally involved in providing many of the therapies and treatments. Josephine, a fellow Isa Carstens Academy alumni, also provides the highest level of therapies and treatments that Balance Health & Beauty has become so well known for.

Both therapists have both local and international experience and a passion for providing clients’ skin with personal attention. Personalized treatments and lifestyle advice form a key part of sessions at the Balance Health & Beauty Salon.

Contact us today to find out we can help you live your most beautiful and balanced life today!

The Balance Team, Josephine & Kim
The Balance Team, Josephine & Kim
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